Jeffrey Burds

Jeff-Burds-Jerusalem-OldCity-18December-2010.JPGAssociate Professor of Russian & Soviet History
Office: 269 Holmes Hall
Mailing: 249 Meserve Hall
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: (617) 373-2079 Fax: (617) 373-2661
Curriculum Vitae

Associate, Harvard Davis Center for Russian Studies
Co-Director, Center for the Study of Russia & the Soviet Union


Office Hours: Wednesdays, 12:00-2:00, or by appt

Fields of Interest:
Modern Russian and Soviet History; 20th-century Ukraine; Soviet secret police, Espionage

I do research in the international history of modern Russia, Ukraine, and the Soviet Union. My current work is devoted to studies of collaboration in the German-occupied Soviet zones during World War II, and the postwar Soviet counterinsurgency in western Ukraine. My undergraduate courses include surveys of European and Soviet history as well as specialized courses on violence, espionage, World War II in the East, and the Soviet Secret Police. My graduate courses include seminars on the historiography and research in Modern European and World history. I am also a member of the core faculty in International Studies.


All syllabi are available on-line. Most on-line readings are password protected to comply with U.S. laws on fair use of copyrighted materials.

Autumn 2017

HIST1390 Lecture: History of Espionage Part 2, Cold War Espionage
  Mondays, Thursdays 11:45-1:25 p.m.

HIST3304 History of Modern Terrorism
  Mondays, Wednesdays 2:50-4:30 p.m.

Spring 2018

HIST1389 Lecture: History of Espionage
  Mondays, Thursdays 11:45-1:25 p.m.

HIST3334 Assassinations in World History
  Mondays, Wednesdays, 2:50-4:30 pm

Autumn 2018

On leave.


Other courses

HIST1170 The Shape of Modernity

HIST1201 First-Year History Seminar: History of Violence

HIST2213 History of Violence

HIST2286 History of the Soviet Union

HIST2387 Soviet Secret Police

HIST2388 Borderlands: World War II in Soviet Eastern Europe

HIST7203 Topics in Soviet History
 Borderlands: World War II in Soviet Eastern Europe

HIST7302 Research Seminar in Soviet History

HIST7314 Research Seminar: Advanced Historical Research

HIST7314 Research Seminar in World History

HIST3305 European Social History, 1650-1850

HIST3390 Research Seminar in Russian History

HIST2304 Cold War Spies

HONR3310 A History of Spies, Spying & Covert Operations

Representative Publications ( For access to full-text copies, follow this link )

“‘Turncoats, Traitors and Provocateurs’: Communist Collaborators, the German Occupation and Stalin’s NKVD, 1941-1943,” in East European Politics in Societies, 15 December 2017.

Holocaust in Rovno: A Massacre in Ukraine, November 1941 (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

The Second Oldest Profession: A World History of Espionage (Prince Frederick, MD: Recorded Books, Inc., 2011-2012). Part One, Part Two.  For details, see the Modern Scholar Series.

Шпионаж и национализм: первые годы холодной войны на Западной Украине (1944-1948) [Espionage and Nationalism: The Early Years of the Cold War in Western Ukraine (1944-1948)], (Moscow and New York: «Sovremennaia Istoriia» [Contemporary History], 2010).

“Russian Spy Swap: Jeffrey Burds Explains,” Washington Post, Live Q&As, 8 July 2010.

"Sexual Violence in Europe in World War II," published in a special issue on “Sexual Violence during War” in Politics and Society (March, 2009).

"Ethnic Conflict and Minority Refugee Flight from Post-Soviet Ukraine, 1991-2001" The International Journal of Human Rights Volume 12, Number 5 (December 2008): 689-723.

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"Ukraine: the Meaning of Persecution," TOL: Transitions Online ( ) 2 May 2006.

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"'Москальки': женщины-агенты и националистическое подполье на Западной Украине, 1944-1948," [Moskal'ki: Women-Agents and the Nationalist Underground in West Ukraine, 1944-1948], Социальная История. Ежегодник 2004 [Social History—Yearbook 2004] (Moscow: Institute of History and Rosspen, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2005).

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Peasant Dreams and Market Politics: Labor Migration & the Russian Village, 1861-1905 (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1998).

"AGENTURA: Soviet Informants' Networks in Galicia, 1944-1948," Eastern European Politics and Societies (January 1997).

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The Russian State Archive: A Researcher's Guide. Compiled, introduced and edited by S.V. Mironenko and Jeffrey Burds. Volume IV in The Russian Archive Series, University of Pittsburgh. In Russian and English (Moscow-Pittsburgh, 1996).

"A Culture of Denunciation: Patterns of Religious Anathematization in Rural Russia, 1860-1905," in Sheila Fitzpatrick and Robert Gellately, eds., Accusatory Practices: Denunciation in Modern European History, 1789-1989 (University of Chicago Press, 1997) and the Journal of Modern History (December 1996).

The Russian State Archive of Economics: A Researcher's Guide. compiled, introduced and edited by Svetlana Prasolova, Andrei Sokolov, William Chase and Jeffrey Burds. Volume II, Parts 1 and 2 in The Russian Archive Series, University of Pittsburgh. The Russian and English (Moscow-Pittsburgh, 1994, 1996).

"The Social Control of Peasant Labor in Russia: The Responses of Village Communities to labor Migration in the Central Industrial Region, 1861-1905," in Peasant Economy, Culture and Politics in European Russia, 1800-1921, edited by Esther Kingston-Mann and Timothy R. Mixter, with the Assistance of Jeffrey Burds (Princeton University Press, 1991).